The power of actually listening

You always hear how you should be listening to people, but it’s not often you really try to apply it and get real world feedback from it. Recently I read How To Win Friends and Influence People again. Seems like I’d forgotten about 90% of the principles in there. If you suck at networking, read [...]

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Statistics on action taken so far

Time for a bit of an update with actual numbers of the action taken so far. Cold Emails Sent: ~50 Replies to emails: 1 (2%) Cold Phone Calls: 19 Warm Calls: 1 Positive responses: 7 (people who may be interested but didn’t set up or ask for a meeting) Meetings from the above: 0, but [...]

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Uh oh, it’s going mainstream

Something pretty funny happened today. A great guy I’ve been talking to about a potential product called me up and told me about this “spam” email he received. It was almost a word for word rendition of the “strange question” email popularised by Dane Maxwell’s Foundation stuff (of which my journey is based). In his [...]

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What’s your why?

Something that has come up a few times now is knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing. In other words, what is the reason you want to run your own business. This always seemed a bit like fluffy boring mindset stuff. But when a business coach actually got us to write down a [...]

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Stand Up Desk

A cheap stand up desk so that I live longer

Stand up desks have been making waves pretty much everywhere. Even more so since infographics such as this and articles like this started doing the rounds. There’s no doubt sitting for 8+ hours a day is bad for you, in a whole lot of ways. For me, the clincher was that after sitting hunched over [...]

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Researching and hanging out with your audience

One of the common themes among any good resource on learning about your audience will tell you to find where they hang out, read their problems and even get into the discussion. In my experience there are two goldmines when it comes to finding your audience. Forums and Facebook. Facebook Facebook is great for the [...]

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Things fall into place when you take focussed action

You’ve probably seen about a thousand posts on “taking action”. If you’re anything like me you probably has thoughts along the line of “well… duh”, and brushed it off as new agey rubbish. Personally I’ve taken all kinds of action. But, instead of moving in a specific direction towards a specific goal, my actions have [...]

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Con Yourself – Convince yourself you’re awesome

Just finished watching American Hustle (which by the way is a pretty awesome move).¬†Somewhere in the middle, Irving (the main character) says “Everyone is conning themselves”. While he says this from a negative angle, there’s also a positive spin. I kind of see it the same as the old adage “fake it till you make [...]

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