I’m a software and technology ninja.

In short, I’m an ex Control Systems Engineer, now online business awesomepreneur. I also write software, mainly in C#, and have not yet decided if being a programmer is a good thing. My strongest suit is connecting dots and problem solving. Especially using software, or by combining other technologies to make things happen. The bottom line of this is saving time, energy and headaches.

Hence why I now build software from the ground up, to solve the day-to-day problems that can be found in any business. Time saving is everything in a world where time almost literally is money, and software is one of the best things in the world to achieve this.

Also, the word entrepreneur sucks and is hard to spell.

The Longer Story, if you can be bothered

Like most high schoolers, I didn’t really have much of an idea what I wanted to do for my entire working career. I liked mechanical stuff. Writing software was fun. And, based on numerous home made parent detection electrical circuits, 2 semi-intentional self electrocutions before the age of 9, and a host of electrical DIY kits and robots, it seemed electrics and electronics was pretty high on the list of interests as well.

Turns out if you mix the above three fields in a bowl, you get what they call “Infomechatronics Engineering”. Yep, that’s the real name of what I “studied” for 4 years at uni, along with a Masters in Engineering Management. And by “studied,” I mean “collaborated” with a group of high achievers for almost all assignments and study sessions. There may have been a fair chunk of college type nightlife in there as well.

After all of this, I received a piece of paper that says I can learn things. This is essentially what a degree says, as most of what you learn is completely impractical for the real world. Still, it was pretty fun.

For those that don’t know, Control System’s Engineering is essentially ‘industrial programming’. It’s automating machinery to do whatever it was meant to do with minimal interaction from people. It’s also what I did for the next two years, until a friend took me to a conference where I learned you can make money selling other people’s stuff online.

That kinda changed everything. It’s a little bit like when Neo took the red pill. Once you know this, there’s no going back. I knew I’d be making my living online one day.

I quit my job the next day.

Nah, not really. That would’ve been really silly. Continuing work as a Control Systems Eng for the next few years, I developed a bunch of niche sites and make some side cash with AdSense and Clickbank, back in the days when that was cool.

Article spinning was a hot topic at the time, and all the products available sucked. People used them because they were all that was available. A discussion about this exact topic occured over lunch at work, with a senior engineer who also happens to be a programming genius. The decision was made then and there to make something more awesome.

SpinChimp was born, and knocked the socks off the competition in terms of quality, according to our limited customers. Said customers were limited because, being engineers, we royally sucked at marketing. We were selling the way we would want to be sold to. As it turns out, marketing to engineers and scientists is completely the opposite of selling to the rest of the world.


It’s taken a while, but after a major brain rewriting over a few years, several conferences and countless books and blogs, marketing isn’t such a brain buster any more.

Now, I work with businesses to develop software solutions to save them time, money and headaches. This blog features my journey of doing exactly that.

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