A simple yet massively effective article marketing plan

I recently helped out a SpinChimp customer who wanted to get started with article marketing. He wasn’t quite sure how to be effective with his submissions, and what this spinning business was all about. I ended up with this response, which I think sums it up pretty well. There are a a few sections which will require your own research, such as finding good web 2.0 sites. These change all the time, so there isn’t much point in me doing it for you. Plus, getting your nose into forums and no-nonsense blogs to find the info is good practice in separating the good stuff from the shit – a skill which is absolutely required in the internet marketing game.

Anyhoo, here ya go:

One of the best strategies at the moment, I believe they are calling it ‘link push’. It is pretty simple:

  • Build several high PR web 2.0 properties – hubpages, wetpaint etc. Do a bit of research to find a list of good web 2.0’s
    • It is a good idea to use original content for these, as they will be your backbone
    • Have all the links stored in a text file because you’ll need them later
  • Write or pay for an original article
  • Spin it well, so I mean every sentence spun at least once, maybe twice. Spin words within those sentences and maybe even some paragraph spins
  • This article will be good for a thousand copies
  • Put links in this article. Usually in a signature, so the last couple of lines.
    • The important bit here is to spin the links. What I mean here is instead of linking to your main site only, have the link spun so that one time it may randomly link to one of your backbone web 2.0’s OR your money site. You may choose to have one link to your main site, and one link randomly to one of the web 2.0’s in the same signature. Most places allow 2 links.
  • Blast this article out with everything you can find
    • Article submitters such as Incansoft ArticleBot, Article Marketing Robot, Article Daemon. There are a few around.
    • Blog networks such as ArticleRanks (my fav), SeoLinkVine. There are a lot of these popping up now but I’m not up to speed with all of them, so you’ll have to do a bit of searching. Try to find reviews on forums – they are the ONLY place to find real reviews in the internet marketing world
  • Watch as you get tons of links 🙂
  • Also, you can manually submit the spun article to the big, high PR article sites as a lot of the automatic submitters will miss these sites. So: Ezine articles, Go Articles, Associated Content, etc. You’ll have to do a bit of research here too. I’m guessing a google for ‘high pr article directories forum’ or something like that will get you what you need.

Remember that the duplicate content thing is only going to be a problem if you have it on your own site, or on anything you are trying to get indexed – like your backbone web 2.0’s. For everything else, blast away!

Instead of saying thanks, the guy cancelled his subscription the next day. Customer service can be so fun.


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