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SpinChimp Release!

Hey guys,

We are insanely excited to announce the launch of SpinChimp. I’m going to keep this short as I’ve already blabbed on about the product enough already, but here are some of the links you’ll need.

To buy it, head here.
To promote it and make a nice cut, head here.
For all other information, just head to

With three packages available, we are sure you will find SpinChimp awesome value.

SpinChimp with one month subscription included: $35
SpinChimp with six month subscription: $60
SpinChimp with twelve month subscription: $75



Some Friendly Competition

The world of internet marketing can be a bit of a brutal place when it comes to sneaky tactics to get a one up on the rest of the competition. I was always expecting it, but it happened even before we launched!

It recently came to our attention that the biggest competitor has attempted to implement some of our best features in SpinChimp. At first we thought there was someone on the beta testing program leaking this info, but even better – the competition was ON the beta testing list. This doesn’t worry me a whole lot though, more the opposite. To have the ‘market leader’ poaching features from a start-up like us indicates we must be doing something right!

Anyway, you can decide for yourself who does it better, but I have a pretty good feeling about which way it is going to go. SpinChimp can now be publicly downloaded for free at so check it out.

Finally, I’d like to send a massive shout out to all our beta testers who have been simply amazing with their feedback assisting in ironing out bugs and recommending more killer features that have made SpinChimp that much more awesome. It has been a looooong journey building this thing from the ground up with the team and to get such positive feedback makes it worthwhile.

We have some features lined up for future releases which are completely unheard of in the internet marketing industry and currently exist only as whitepapers from PhD’s and other studies. And don’t worry, these updates will be free


SpinChimp – Revolutionary Spinning Software

So I have been silent for a damn long time now, but for a good reason. The last few months (seemingly eternity) have seen my life disappear into the form of code. I have been working side by side with an absolute coding genius to create some software for a big hole we saw in a very popular market. Said market is article spinning.

Everything we used annoyed us in some way. Whether it was being forced to be online, slow return of synonyms, rubbish synonyms or whatever… everything just didn’t cut it. We were sitting down at lunch one day and came up with a few ideas and suddenly I was spending most of my day every day with my nose buried in a PC. No weekends, social life cut to a quarter and many confused friends wondering what the hell I was doing in my room all the time surrounded by four monitors.

Finally, we have a product. And we couldn’t be happier with it. It is the result of thousands of hours work, and coding genuis provided by my colleague Mark Beljaars. In my opinion, it blows every other spinner out of the water. It boasts insane speed due to a locally stored (and very efficient) thesaurus and assumes all the benefits of an online user-generated database. These are combined by downloading an original database at time of first application startup, with smaller update packages delived on the daily – automatically and in the background if you so wish – so you don’t even notice!

A variety of spinning methods including the usual right click context menu, Quick Spin and Rapid Spin. Quick spin delivers usability to the keyboard shortcut lovers, shows more synonyms, and allows favourting or hating (removing) synonyms from the list. Rapid spin delivers an insanely fast and powerful spinning method, showing spin options for an entire sentence at a time. There is also a sentence spinner which you would expect from and real program. Everything we have dreamt about doing in a spinner, we included (and if you dream of something else, let us know and it will be added to the wish list!). And everything is QUICK. Very quick. Spinning best quality words across 10 documents might take you 1 second. Maybe 10 seconds if you drop them all in from windows explorer, global spin them and hit the quick export button which will dump them all out into a variety of common (and custom) formats. And 10 seconds is probably a conservative estiamte.

There’s much more but instead of wafting on I’ll let you check it out for yourself. Many of the niftly little features will only become obvious with use. There are all the standard things like article previews, metrics like word density and spin percentage – nothing has been left out. Our three day trial is completely free, just download the app, punch in your details and wait for your license key.

Check it out at

And here is a quick feature summary

  1. Multitabbed interface allows multiple documents to be spun at the same time
  2. A single click global spin feature can spin a single tab or all tabs
  3. All tabs can be exported with one mouse click
  4. Can export to multiple predefined formats (such as JetSpinner, Free Traffic System, Article Ranks etc)
  5. Custom export formats with any number of layers with any syntax
  6. Exporting supports automatic inclusion of signatures, which may also contain spin syntax and can be organised into different projects
  7. You can export spun copies of your article to multiple WordPress blogs with a single mouse click
  8. Has a context menu spin, quick spin pane, rapid multi word spin pane, sentence spinner and more. All spinners can be used to add synonyms or remove synonyms
  9. Users can add synonyms to a local dictionary, favorite synonyms, hate synonyms, select synonym quality and even add automatically learned synonyms from existing spin syntax ie. pre-spun articles

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