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What’s your why?

Something that has come up a few times now is knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing. In other words, what is the reason you want to run your own business. This always seemed a bit like fluffy boring mindset stuff. But when a business coach actually got us to write down a [...]

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Stand Up Desk

A cheap stand up desk so that I live longer

Stand up desks have been making waves pretty much everywhere. Even more so since infographics such as this and articles like this started doing the rounds. There’s no doubt sitting for 8+ hours a day is bad for you, in a whole lot of ways. For me, the clincher was that after sitting hunched over [...]

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Site speed in the cloud

You’ve probably already seen the awesome news that AkturaTech is now 100% cloud. All our servers now exist in a magical fairy land which is as awesome as it sounds. Seriously, setting up for the cloud is so much fun. All the different little components to play with and set up are like toys for [...]

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