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SpinChimp Discount Coupon

So you want a discount coupon for SpinChimp. It’s always good to not have to pay full price If you didn’t already know, SpinChimp is quickly clawing its way to the top of the article spinner world, and is widely becomming known as the *real* best spinner. With better spin quality, more advanced features and [...]

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SpinChimp Release!

Hey guys, We are insanely excited to announce the launch of SpinChimp. I’m going to keep this short as I’ve already blabbed on about the product enough already, but here are some of the links you’ll need. To buy it, head here. To promote it and make a nice cut, head here. For all other [...]

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Some Friendly Competition

The world of internet marketing can be a bit of a brutal place when it comes to sneaky tactics to get a one up on the rest of the competition. I was always expecting it, but it happened even before we launched! It recently came to our attention that the biggest competitor has attempted to [...]

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