No Screen Sundays

This coming Sunday, ban yourself from any kind of backlit screen. Try it just for one day. As it turns out, this is pretty damn good at a few things…

Every so often on Startups For The Rest Of Us they drop in a little life or productivity hack. Just one of the many things that make this the best podcast aimed at SaaS. Recently they mentioned the idea of No Screen Sundays. It struck a chord with me mainly because my girlfriend has mentioned my obsession with tech and ‘having to work’ on more occasions then I’d like to admit.
No Screen Sundays
It’s a bit shit when you can’t even take a minute to hang out with your partner or a mate without business stuff kicking around in your brain. Giving No Screen Sundays a go sounded like a sweet was to break this habit.

Man, was it ever.

Like almost every day, the first thing I reached for when I woke up was my phone. May as well check emails from the comfort of bed right? Right then I remembered No Screen Sundays (let’s call it NSS from now on) and chucked it back on the bedside table. I went and hung out with the girlfriend instead, who was already up making breakfast.

Since video games were out as well, I had to find something else to do. The day was spent catching up with people who I hadn’t seen in ages, watching the gf play soccer, skateboarding and picking up the guitar again. There was also attempts at fixing both the car and laptop – stuff I’d been putting off for ages.

I kinda of forgot you could get so much squeezed into one day cause half of it would be spent on work.

I’ve done two of these in a row now. When you can’t just sit down and play games or whatever, it forces you to think about other stuff you can do, old hobbies you can take up again and people you can call who you haven’t seen in ages. All of the above sound like positives to me. The added bonus is that you’ll be itching to go on Monday. Instead of Monday’s sucking, you’ll get loads done.

Give it a go.

The Rules

No backlit screens from wake up to sleep. Kindles excluded
You can use your phone to make calls or reply to messages if they relate to meeting up with someone

Some Ideas

  • Actually hang out with your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/kids/dog
  • Long lost hobbies (that thing you’ve been saying “oh yeah I want to get back into X”)
  • New hobbies – if you’re me try skateboarding and golf
  • Call friends you haven’t seen in ages. Don’t facebook them
  • Go to the pub (preferably with friends, but we don’t judge)
  • Fix something that has been shitting you for ages
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