Productivity hacks – Asana and speeding up podcasts

Here’s a quick couple of productivity hacks.

What to do if you’re nowhere near a PC and you have a rad idea or remember something that you are supposed to do? If you’re like me, you’d shoot off an email to yourself and deal with it later.

This is really awful practice for zero inbox.

Enter Asana. I’ve tried a lot of task management apps in the past and haven’t liked any as much as this. One of the best parts is being able to flick of an email to a special email address that just adds it straight into your “new tasks” so you can handle it when you actually want to, rather than have it stare at you from your inbox.

The second is all about podcasts. Podcasts rock when you’re on the move, driving, waiting for public transport or whatever. The problem is it can take a 45 minute episode to get a couple of good points.

After going through a few podcast apps on Android I discovered Pocket Casts. This is easily the best I’ve used, with the bonus (and important) feature of being able to speed up playback out of the box. Listening on 1.8x is surprisingly easy, and it means you tear through podcasts and still process all of the information.

And here’s a few great podcasts to check out:

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