Windows on Mac: Don’t buy Parallels, VirtualBox Wins

We often get questions whether SpinChimp runs on Mac. Short answer is ‘no’, slightly longer answer is ‘yes, if you are computer literate enough to be able to install Windows on a Virtual Machine’. VM’s are unreal, and everyone who uses a Mac or PC on the regular really should be familiar with them. Taking a backup of your PC is as simple as creating a ‘snapshot’, which you can roll back to at any time. You can even have multiple branches of your PC where you might have different versions of a product installed etc. It looks like this:

Any of these snapshots can be fired up in about two clicks, and your PC will be restored to exactly the point it was at when you took the snapshot.

I love using VM’s for marketing for a couple of reasons. First, you can leave everything open and save the session of your VM. This closes it down so it’s not hogging your physical machines resources, and when you want to start it up again you are right where you left off. This gives you two distinct workspaces for work and non-work. Also, a massively high percentage of marketing apps will only run on Windows, so it makes sense. Secondly, if you are using any automated tools, you can fire up a bunch of them and leave them plug away and just minimise the VM. It will silently sit there doing all your work for you without having a thousand things in your workspace while you try to do other things.

Onto the main point of this post…

A lot of people seem to use Parallels desktop for virtualization on their Macs. To me, this is absolutely insane. They are spending $100 on an app that does what VirtualBox does for free. The day I discovered VBox was a happy one, and I’m sure it will be for you too. I am yet to see anything faster, simpler and more customisable than VBox. Today, I put a customer who was previously a Parallels user onto VBox, and this is what he said:

Did it. I can’t believe how fast this VirtualBox is! It’s faster than my native PC box! And it does not slow down any of my native MAC stuff. I really lucked out running into your guys today. I see the VB is Oracle. I work in my day job with Oracle Enterprise 11G. Great stuff! I’m installing all my windows stuff then I’m going to dump Parallels! The machine is running so cool too. 42 degrees most of the time. (72 with Parallels)

Just another happy VBox user. Download it at, and stop giving Parallels money for a crap product.

2 Responses to Windows on Mac: Don’t buy Parallels, VirtualBox Wins

  1. MikeKulls September 24, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    I agree completely. I don’t know why parallels even exists any more.

  2. Jimmy September 24, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    Yep… even the Plesk Panel is a horrible piece of kit

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