Cool free book on building authority and modern SEO

A couple of my friends are doing the digital nomad thing and living it up in Thailand (or to be more correct, a friend and his wife. Pretty sure I’ve only met Jill once?) These guys are the real deal and have been living off money they’ve made on the big bad internet for ages. Very jealous of them.

Their newest business is all about getting out of your 9-5 and living the digital nomad way. While moving to Thailand doesn’t really appeal to me, it appeals to a shit load of people. Even so, they still put up great info very regularly.

Of this info, the best is a free ebook they’ve just released. It covers everything from generating your business idea, finding your angle, building a website from the ground up through to building a real following and of course making money.

Definitely worth a read. It’s free, duh

Check it here.

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