Article Spinning versus Article Rewriting

There were a whole lot of questions being thrown our way about what the hell the difference is between article spinning and article rewriting. See, the new ChimpRewriter was being labelled as article rewriting software instead of article spinning software. In short, article spinning is generating multiple copies of some content, and article rewriting is rewriting it once. Spin [...]

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Site speed in the cloud

You’ve probably already seen the awesome news that AkturaTech is now 100% cloud. All our servers now exist in a magical fairy land which is as awesome as it sounds. Seriously, setting up for the cloud is so much fun. All the different little components to play with and set up are like toys for [...]

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I quit my job!

Booyah! It’s been a long time coming. Pretty sure it’s been over a year since I told work I was quitting. They kept sucking me in with less hours, more money, new contracts, whatever. Everyone knew I was only there until I could live from our business, but eventually they stopped believing that I was [...]

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WordPress Hack Protection

So fell victim to WordPress vulnerabilities lately. If you have a WordPress blog, almost no doubt that you have had or will have these same issues at one point. Unfortunately it is just the way these things work. They call them 0-day exploits – where the exploit is discovered and shared among hacking communities. [...]

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We’ve Moved – JimmyRose.Net is no more!

Not only that, there is a new theme as well. Kinda boring at the moment but with a bit of a tweak here and there, eventually it will be pretty. The move was a lot less painstaking than I thought it would be. Obviously things can go very wrong when changing domain, but in this [...]

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SpinChimp Discount Coupon

So you want a discount coupon for SpinChimp. It’s always good to not have to pay full price If you didn’t already know, SpinChimp is quickly clawing its way to the top of the article spinner world, and is widely becomming known as the *real* best spinner. With better spin quality, more advanced features and [...]

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