SpinChimp Discount Coupon

So you want a discount coupon for SpinChimp. It’s always good to not have to pay full price 🙂

If you didn’t already know, SpinChimp is quickly clawing its way to the top of the article spinner world, and is widely becomming known as the *real* best spinner. With better spin quality, more advanced features and a faster, extremely user friendly interface, it is no surprise. Here’s some recent stats for you:

  • 47% of SpinChimp users previously owned another spinner
  • 55% of those were TBS users
  • 95% of these users would recommend SpinChimp to friends!

The guys still who still recommend TBS simply haven’t discovered SpinChimp yet. Once they do, it’s an absolutle no brainer to make the switch – for both the features and the price. You wouldn’t believe it, but despite walking all over every product in its class, SpinChimp is also the cheapest. Crazy huh?

The reason behind this is that there are so many products out there which are utter crap, which people charge lots of money for just because people will pay it.

Anyway, hit the big button below to get your SpinChimp Discount Coupon (and read more about SpinChimp)

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Sending Google Alerts to a non-Gmail address

I’ve just done a bit of a search for this, but no one seems to have a real answer. So, I went with the most obvious option of using auto forwards. It would make sense for Google to allow you to just select a different confirmed address, but there’s a lot of things they do that don’t make sense.

If you don’t know about Google Alerts already, they are one of the best things you should be using if you are an internet marketer. There’s a few reasons:

  1. You can find what anyone on the internet is saying about you. For example, every time someone on the web posts about “SpinChimp”, I find out.
  2. You can get super easy backlinks. If you get forum or blog alerts, you can post in a relevant discussion about your product or website.
  3. You can follow your competition. Set up alerts for your competitors names or url and see where they are getting links from. It is also good just to see what people are saying about them.

If you don’t want these alerts going to your gmail, it’s pretty easy to sort out. Just use gmail auto-forward. To get started, click the little gear  gear in the top right hand corner of Gmail and select Mail Settings. Go to Filters and hit Create Filter.


Type “googlealerts-noreply@google.com” into the from address, then hit next step.


Select the address you want to forward to from the drop down. If you haven’t already got any set up, click ‘manage your forwarding addresses’ and go through that process. Tick the box next to forward, skip the inbox and mark as read. Unless you’d rather not store it in this account, tick Delete.

Too easy 🙂


WordPress On Windows IIS Permissions – The Magic Bullet

Sometimes people will be unfortunate enough to find themselves with no choice other than hosting WordPress on a Windows server. This is all kinds of horrible, as anyone who has every tried to do this will know that Windows permissions are an absolute pain in the ass. Things like auto-upgrading WordPress become a nightmare. Most of the time it’s just easier to FTP or copy the files over the top of the old ones.

But those days are over! There is a magic bullet where with one simple change, WordPress will stop throwing errors on upgrades as well as plugin updates. Lovely.

Simply grant the IUSR full control of your WordPress directory.

So, locate the directory and right click it. Hit properties, then pick the security tab. Click Edit. If IUSR is already there, just select it and hit the Full Control tick box and accept. Do not get confused with the IUSRS group, and the IUSR is not in there! If you can’t see IUSR, hit ‘Add’ and enter “IUSR” without the quotes. Hit OK, make sure the new user is selected and click the Full Control tick box. Apply it and you’re done.

Update: Note that if you are using Plesk Panel to manage your web server, you will also need to grant the same permissions for ‘Plesk IUSR’ and ‘Plesk WP User’ for that domain. And when you get a chance, dump the horrible bit of software that is Plesk panel as well as any other software you are using which is developed by Parallels!



Windows on Mac: Don’t buy Parallels, VirtualBox Wins

We often get questions whether SpinChimp runs on Mac. Short answer is ‘no’, slightly longer answer is ‘yes, if you are computer literate enough to be able to install Windows on a Virtual Machine’. VM’s are unreal, and everyone who uses a Mac or PC on the regular really should be familiar with them. Taking a backup of your PC is as simple as creating a ‘snapshot’, which you can roll back to at any time. You can even have multiple branches of your PC where you might have different versions of a product installed etc. It looks like this:

Any of these snapshots can be fired up in about two clicks, and your PC will be restored to exactly the point it was at when you took the snapshot.

I love using VM’s for marketing for a couple of reasons. First, you can leave everything open and save the session of your VM. This closes it down so it’s not hogging your physical machines resources, and when you want to start it up again you are right where you left off. This gives you two distinct workspaces for work and non-work. Also, a massively high percentage of marketing apps will only run on Windows, so it makes sense. Secondly, if you are using any automated tools, you can fire up a bunch of them and leave them plug away and just minimise the VM. It will silently sit there doing all your work for you without having a thousand things in your workspace while you try to do other things.

Onto the main point of this post…

A lot of people seem to use Parallels desktop for virtualization on their Macs. To me, this is absolutely insane. They are spending $100 on an app that does what VirtualBox does for free. The day I discovered VBox was a happy one, and I’m sure it will be for you too. I am yet to see anything faster, simpler and more customisable than VBox. Today, I put a customer who was previously a Parallels user onto VBox, and this is what he said:

Did it. I can’t believe how fast this VirtualBox is! It’s faster than my native PC box! And it does not slow down any of my native MAC stuff. I really lucked out running into your guys today. I see the VB is Oracle. I work in my day job with Oracle Enterprise 11G. Great stuff! I’m installing all my windows stuff then I’m going to dump Parallels! The machine is running so cool too. 42 degrees most of the time. (72 with Parallels)

Just another happy VBox user. Download it at virtualbox.org, and stop giving Parallels money for a crap product.


A simple yet massively effective article marketing plan

I recently helped out a SpinChimp customer who wanted to get started with article marketing. He wasn’t quite sure how to be effective with his submissions, and what this spinning business was all about. I ended up with this response, which I think sums it up pretty well. There are a a few sections which will require your own research, such as finding good web 2.0 sites. These change all the time, so there isn’t much point in me doing it for you. Plus, getting your nose into forums and no-nonsense blogs to find the info is good practice in separating the good stuff from the shit – a skill which is absolutely required in the internet marketing game.

Anyhoo, here ya go:

One of the best strategies at the moment, I believe they are calling it ‘link push’. It is pretty simple:

  • Build several high PR web 2.0 properties – hubpages, wetpaint etc. Do a bit of research to find a list of good web 2.0’s
    • It is a good idea to use original content for these, as they will be your backbone
    • Have all the links stored in a text file because you’ll need them later
  • Write or pay for an original article
  • Spin it well, so I mean every sentence spun at least once, maybe twice. Spin words within those sentences and maybe even some paragraph spins
  • This article will be good for a thousand copies
  • Put links in this article. Usually in a signature, so the last couple of lines.
    • The important bit here is to spin the links. What I mean here is instead of linking to your main site only, have the link spun so that one time it may randomly link to one of your backbone web 2.0’s OR your money site. You may choose to have one link to your main site, and one link randomly to one of the web 2.0’s in the same signature. Most places allow 2 links.
  • Blast this article out with everything you can find
    • Article submitters such as Incansoft ArticleBot, Article Marketing Robot, Article Daemon. There are a few around.
    • Blog networks such as ArticleRanks (my fav), SeoLinkVine. There are a lot of these popping up now but I’m not up to speed with all of them, so you’ll have to do a bit of searching. Try to find reviews on forums – they are the ONLY place to find real reviews in the internet marketing world
  • Watch as you get tons of links 🙂
  • Also, you can manually submit the spun article to the big, high PR article sites as a lot of the automatic submitters will miss these sites. So: Ezine articles, Go Articles, Associated Content, etc. You’ll have to do a bit of research here too. I’m guessing a google for ‘high pr article directories forum’ or something like that will get you what you need.

Remember that the duplicate content thing is only going to be a problem if you have it on your own site, or on anything you are trying to get indexed – like your backbone web 2.0’s. For everything else, blast away!

Instead of saying thanks, the guy cancelled his subscription the next day. Customer service can be so fun.



SpinChimp Release!

Hey guys,

We are insanely excited to announce the launch of SpinChimp. I’m going to keep this short as I’ve already blabbed on about the product enough already, but here are some of the links you’ll need.

To buy it, head here.
To promote it and make a nice cut, head here.
For all other information, just head to spinchimp.com

With three packages available, we are sure you will find SpinChimp awesome value.

SpinChimp with one month subscription included: $35
SpinChimp with six month subscription: $60
SpinChimp with twelve month subscription: $75



Some Friendly Competition

The world of internet marketing can be a bit of a brutal place when it comes to sneaky tactics to get a one up on the rest of the competition. I was always expecting it, but it happened even before we launched!

It recently came to our attention that the biggest competitor has attempted to implement some of our best features in SpinChimp. At first we thought there was someone on the beta testing program leaking this info, but even better – the competition was ON the beta testing list. This doesn’t worry me a whole lot though, more the opposite. To have the ‘market leader’ poaching features from a start-up like us indicates we must be doing something right!

Anyway, you can decide for yourself who does it better, but I have a pretty good feeling about which way it is going to go. SpinChimp can now be publicly downloaded for free at http://spinchimp.com so check it out.

Finally, I’d like to send a massive shout out to all our beta testers who have been simply amazing with their feedback assisting in ironing out bugs and recommending more killer features that have made SpinChimp that much more awesome. It has been a looooong journey building this thing from the ground up with the team and to get such positive feedback makes it worthwhile.

We have some features lined up for future releases which are completely unheard of in the internet marketing industry and currently exist only as whitepapers from PhD’s and other studies. And don’t worry, these updates will be free


SpinChimp – Revolutionary Spinning Software

So I have been silent for a damn long time now, but for a good reason. The last few months (seemingly eternity) have seen my life disappear into the form of code. I have been working side by side with an absolute coding genius to create some software for a big hole we saw in a very popular market. Said market is article spinning.

Everything we used annoyed us in some way. Whether it was being forced to be online, slow return of synonyms, rubbish synonyms or whatever… everything just didn’t cut it. We were sitting down at lunch one day and came up with a few ideas and suddenly I was spending most of my day every day with my nose buried in a PC. No weekends, social life cut to a quarter and many confused friends wondering what the hell I was doing in my room all the time surrounded by four monitors.

Finally, we have a product. And we couldn’t be happier with it. It is the result of thousands of hours work, and coding genuis provided by my colleague Mark Beljaars. In my opinion, it blows every other spinner out of the water. It boasts insane speed due to a locally stored (and very efficient) thesaurus and assumes all the benefits of an online user-generated database. These are combined by downloading an original database at time of first application startup, with smaller update packages delived on the daily – automatically and in the background if you so wish – so you don’t even notice!

A variety of spinning methods including the usual right click context menu, Quick Spin and Rapid Spin. Quick spin delivers usability to the keyboard shortcut lovers, shows more synonyms, and allows favourting or hating (removing) synonyms from the list. Rapid spin delivers an insanely fast and powerful spinning method, showing spin options for an entire sentence at a time. There is also a sentence spinner which you would expect from and real program. Everything we have dreamt about doing in a spinner, we included (and if you dream of something else, let us know and it will be added to the wish list!). And everything is QUICK. Very quick. Spinning best quality words across 10 documents might take you 1 second. Maybe 10 seconds if you drop them all in from windows explorer, global spin them and hit the quick export button which will dump them all out into a variety of common (and custom) formats. And 10 seconds is probably a conservative estiamte.

There’s much more but instead of wafting on I’ll let you check it out for yourself. Many of the niftly little features will only become obvious with use. There are all the standard things like article previews, metrics like word density and spin percentage – nothing has been left out. Our three day trial is completely free, just download the app, punch in your details and wait for your license key.

Check it out at spinchimp.com.

And here is a quick feature summary

  1. Multitabbed interface allows multiple documents to be spun at the same time
  2. A single click global spin feature can spin a single tab or all tabs
  3. All tabs can be exported with one mouse click
  4. Can export to multiple predefined formats (such as JetSpinner, Free Traffic System, Article Ranks etc)
  5. Custom export formats with any number of layers with any syntax
  6. Exporting supports automatic inclusion of signatures, which may also contain spin syntax and can be organised into different projects
  7. You can export spun copies of your article to multiple WordPress blogs with a single mouse click
  8. Has a context menu spin, quick spin pane, rapid multi word spin pane, sentence spinner and more. All spinners can be used to add synonyms or remove synonyms
  9. Users can add synonyms to a local dictionary, favorite synonyms, hate synonyms, select synonym quality and even add automatically learned synonyms from existing spin syntax ie. pre-spun articles

My Inactivity

A horribly short post on my inactivity.

Me and a buddy, who happens to be the biggest coding genius I have ever met, are in the the process of creating an article spinner that is quite literally going to rule them all. I am aware of the competition, and I was a bit sad when I realised one of my favourite companies also JUST released a spinner.

But given that wanting more from these other products was the reason we went into development, I am confident this little bugger is going to be a hit… It would want to be with the amount of my life which has been dedicated to it recently. I haven’t touched any of my sites in months!

Stay tuned


A Quick Incansoft Run Down

I recently made a post on Warrior Forum about what I think of the Incansoft products. I was planning on doing a complete review of all the ones I own one day, when I’m not too lazy. Until then, this should do.

I dig Incansoft. I own quite a few of their programs. I’ll give a quick run down on each. As a side note, across the board they all aren’t great with auto sign ups. You have to semi-auto sign up to most services in all bots, it takes AGES but I think worth it.

ArticleBot – Awesome. I see a lot of backlinks come through from this one. Submits to a whole lot of directories real quick with the multi threading. I am probably due to make some new accounts though. As with all auto submitters you should make new accounts every so often.

DirectoryBot – Awesome. Signing up for directories sucks. Not even sure if it is all that effective. So I get it out of the way in one fell swoop. Supports decaptcher (which is cool!) albeit poorly. It manually prompts you if the decaptcher fails, or sometimes doesn’t even retry at all. Since it’s their first implementation of decaptcher I’m not too fussed yet. Could probably learn from the way Bookmarking Demon does it, which is epically awesome.

SocialBot – Works pretty well, but I like Bookmarking Demon combined with onlywire better. I definitely notice a few links some from social bot. Use it rarely compared with the others

RSSBot – Awesome. Use it for every author feed, blog and anything I can throw at it really. I also use RSSSubmit for some extra services though. Some of the best RSS feed submitters are manual things though, like RSSHugger and Feedburner.

PressBot – Awesome. Notice a lot of the links come through. Use it whenever I can. I hate writing Press Releases though so nowhere near as often as ArticleBot.

BlogBot – Sucks. Auto signups are a massive fail. Less than 50% success on auto posting. Spent ages collecting WPMU sites to add to the list only to have most of them fail. I thought this one had potential so was pretty sad with the results.

Web2.0Bot – Decent. I got the pre release version. Not sure if it’s available to non-list people yet? So far pretty good. Auto signups sucked. Around 50% success on Web2.0 properties.

VideoBot – Just bought it. Auto accounts worked on 50%, spend another hour or more signing up to the rest that are still live websites (a lot weren’t even live any more!). Haven’t done my first submit yet so will see how that goes.

[Update]: Did a video run, and it was surprisingly successful. It did get stuck on a few of the higher rank sites where I had to manually exit the submission procedure for that individual site but I’m not worried. Bit disappointing that many of the video sites don’t give you a link though [/update]

Their Traffic Mania “uberbot” I’ve heard is just a combination of pretty much all of these, except maybe PADbot and PODbot in there as well, which I have no use for at the moment.

I’m hoping a lot of the issues will get resolved with time, and can’t wait for decaptcher support in ALL of them. I love the programs where you just hit go and walk away. I’m very lazy.

Would also be good to have another layer of spinning. At the moment they all only support 1 layer of spin ie. {Blah|{blah|blah2}} will not work.

I always get quick responses from their support so dunno what others are going on about.

My more than 2 cents


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