Con Yourself – Convince yourself you’re awesome

Just finished watching American Hustle (which by the way is a pretty awesome move). Somewhere in the middle, Irving (the main character) says “Everyone is conning themselves”. While he says this from a negative angle, there’s also a positive spin. I kind of see it the same as the old adage “fake it till you make it”.

It just so happens I have a list of things on my whiteboard that I’m conning myself to believe.


Before I started sticking to this, when someone asked me the well overused “what do you do” question, they’d usually get some shitty boring spiel about how I used to be a control systems engineer and now sell SEO software to webmasters, and am trying to come up with a new software product to launch.


These days, the same question receives a response like “I work with businesses to save them time and money by building software to solve problems”. A bit more direct, wouldn’t you say? If they ask to elaborate I’ll go into eliminating paperwork, making things easier & faster, saving money and so on.

Have I actually done these things yet? You could probably say I have with Chimp Rewriter, but that’s not the point. I know for sure that I have the knowledge, capability and drive to make this happen and there is no reason to not start telling people that this is what I do.

Telling people regularly has two effects.

  1. I’ve actually started to believe it, and I really feel this is what I do. Partly because I’ve built up so many solutions for things in my head already during conversations with business owners. These are solutions to real problems, not hopeful startup ideas.
  2. Every so often someone will say something along the lines of “Oh really, well where I work has this awful system….” or “Oh really, we have SO much paperwork to do and I HATE IT”

Seems like a win-win.

And it doesn’t even take long to hit this point. I’ve been to 3 networking events since adopting the attitude and had good conversations with probably 12 new people. I’m now in regular emails with 5 of them. All of them people with some seriously cool problems to solve or people who have clients who would benefit from what I can do.

Without even developing any software around any of the problems, I already feel like this now what I do. To tell you the truth, it feels awesome.

In that picture above, you can see two other things on my con list -> that I eat well and work lots…. Given my current achievements in these areas, for the moment I guess we’ll have to work on one thing at a time….

And here’s a picture of the only other thing on my whiteboard.


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