How networking and helping clients resulted in a product

A while back, we moved our business into the web design space. We went on to snag a few clients through networking events. Often these clients would have problems bigger than just their website.

One client asked for help in setting up a payment system where she could store her clients credit cards and charge them as she needed. But she wanted to invoice them with her cloud based accounting software, Xero.

It seemed easy enough to me. Stripe was the obvious choice for the credit card processing, simply because it is awesome. And I thought the integration should be simple enough to set up using Zapier.

After setting up Zapier to create invoices in Xero whenever a Stripe charge occurred, I ran into a problem. It turns out that you cannot create bank statement lines in Xero via the API, thus Zapier could not do it.

A little bit of research reveled a bunch of people in the Xero Community were having the exact same problem. That sounded like a good product. That day, I threw up a landing page with an email submit, and posted it in the forums and started a basic AdWords campaign. We had around 40 sign ups pretty quickly, and continued to get them over time.

Fast forward a few months, and we had a product built. For the first time, I didn’t write a single line of code. I didn’t even LOOK at a line of code. Our awesome developer (whom I also found through networking, by a referral) handled everything on that side of things.

That product is called Silver Siphon. It provides a way for businesses to set Stripe up as a bank account inside of Xero, as if it was importing a bank feed. This makes reconciliation with invoices super easy. It sounds simple, but man have we run into a load of problems.

We’ve been working with a bunch of beta users of have beaten the app to death several times, and we’ve continued to revamp it to handle large loads. These same users are now saving hours of time in data manipulation between Stripe and Xero.

The paid version of Silver Siphon launches very soon. If you’re interested in checking it out, there is a 14 day trial for you to try. Click here to check it out.

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