Ploughing over roadbloacks

Things have been way too quiet around here.

Shit kind of hit the figurative fan a few weeks back, so I’ve been busy getting my ducks in a row.

On a lazy hungover Sunday, a whole lot of stuff blew up.

  • a server failed
  • someone used our company credit card for some dodgy purchases
  • ran the the company finances, which looked grim once my wage was taken out
  • ran my own finances, which looked grim given the measly amount I pay myself
  • my laptop failed
  • uncovered some big issues in the Chimp Rewriter thesaurus algorithms (fixed now)

Literally all in one damn day. While hungover. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy chappy.

As they say, the life an entrepreneur can be a bit nuts, with a lot of road blocks to plough through. This was easily the worst day I’d had in years, but something I’ve never had to rely on kicked in and decided to get shit sorted.

A day later the thesaurus and server were fixed. Two days later I’d chased up two potential contract engineering jobs which I can fall back on if I need an out.

Three weeks later I’ve got a new laptop, have launched the web marketing arm of AkturaTech complete with new website and have a couple of clients on board. Take that shitty Sunday.

Building a SaaS is going to take a while to see any real profit. That means the current situation basically wouldn’t have changed for months. By itself this is a good enough reason to explore some other avenues, but after meeting a whole lot of ‘web marketers,’ it became pretty obvious that many of them have no clue what they are talking about. Talking to a lot of business owners, many of them were being ripped off or being fed rubbish information.

It turns out it actually excites me a lot to work on other people’s business, come up with ideas and help them make more money. There’s also the part where it is a pretty quick cashflow into the business.

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  1. Emma Pidgeon May 22, 2014 at 10:08 am #

    Good to hear things are looking up. good read 🙂

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