Uh oh, it’s going mainstream

Something pretty funny happened today.

A great guy I’ve been talking to about a potential product called me up and told me about this “spam” email he received. It was almost a word for word rendition of the “strange question” email popularised by Dane Maxwell’s Foundation stuff (of which my journey is based).


In his words, he didn’t bother replying because “he’s some stranger, why would I spend my time for free so he can make something to make money.”

A couple of interesting things came of this.

First, it explains why my email response rate has been awful. This definitely seems like an industry where people are getting emails like this all the time. One business owner previously told me she gets “spam” emails like this all the time. All in all,

The strange question email has got to go.

Second, I had a quick look into the sender on LinkedIn. Apparently, this guy who worked at a fast food chain had a whole lot of endorsements in software development, SaaS, online marketing and more. Props to him for giving this a go, even though the endorsements are a little misleading.

From the endorsers themselves, you could probably build a list of everyone who is doing the Foundation this year. Lots and lots of people endorsing each other for the same “skills”. Most of them also have changed their professional headline to “Software entrepreneur” or something similar.

I’d be curious to see how this effects their results.

It may just be a matter of time before the “strange question” email becomes a running joke to business owners, comparable to the “who lies more” line in the pickup industry…

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