Upcoming Job Scheduling, Rostering and Timesheeting App

This one has been a long time in the making. Too long.

As a result of talking to over a hundred businesses, there were loads of problems with a common theme around managing multiple mobile staff. We had a few early signups before the product was built, and then spent over 6 months developing a product.

It turns out the developers were essentially lying about their ability levels, and produced awful code. So we enlisted a new developer, who kicks serious ass, to fix all of the problems. Thankfully he has done a really good job.

We’ve had one user running his local cleaning business on the app for about two months to make sure everything is running smoothly. Now, we’re putting on a few more users.

So, we’re looking for a few local businesses who run mobile staff.

That means any business where you have staff driving around all day to different jobs. Some examples would be cleaning, aged care, handymen and garden/lawn care.

If you know someone in these industries who are using job cards or some kind of paper based system, please send them my way.

It’s free to use at the moment. There’s no contracts or catches. You get a system aimed at saving you time, and we get your input on the software. That’s the deal 🙂

Check out the job scheduling, rostering and timesheeting app here.

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