A Quick Incansoft Run Down

I recently made a post on Warrior Forum about what I think of the Incansoft products. I was planning on doing a complete review of all the ones I own one day, when I’m not too lazy. Until then, this should do.

I dig Incansoft. I own quite a few of their programs. I’ll give a quick run down on each. As a side note, across the board they all aren’t great with auto sign ups. You have to semi-auto sign up to most services in all bots, it takes AGES but I think worth it.

ArticleBot – Awesome. I see a lot of backlinks come through from this one. Submits to a whole lot of directories real quick with the multi threading. I am probably due to make some new accounts though. As with all auto submitters you should make new accounts every so often.

DirectoryBot – Awesome. Signing up for directories sucks. Not even sure if it is all that effective. So I get it out of the way in one fell swoop. Supports decaptcher (which is cool!) albeit poorly. It manually prompts you if the decaptcher fails, or sometimes doesn’t even retry at all. Since it’s their first implementation of decaptcher I’m not too fussed yet. Could probably learn from the way Bookmarking Demon does it, which is epically awesome.

SocialBot – Works pretty well, but I like Bookmarking Demon combined with onlywire better. I definitely notice a few links some from social bot. Use it rarely compared with the others

RSSBot – Awesome. Use it for every author feed, blog and anything I can throw at it really. I also use RSSSubmit for some extra services though. Some of the best RSS feed submitters are manual things though, like RSSHugger and Feedburner.

PressBot – Awesome. Notice a lot of the links come through. Use it whenever I can. I hate writing Press Releases though so nowhere near as often as ArticleBot.

BlogBot – Sucks. Auto signups are a massive fail. Less than 50% success on auto posting. Spent ages collecting WPMU sites to add to the list only to have most of them fail. I thought this one had potential so was pretty sad with the results.

Web2.0Bot – Decent. I got the pre release version. Not sure if it’s available to non-list people yet? So far pretty good. Auto signups sucked. Around 50% success on Web2.0 properties.

VideoBot – Just bought it. Auto accounts worked on 50%, spend another hour or more signing up to the rest that are still live websites (a lot weren’t even live any more!). Haven’t done my first submit yet so will see how that goes.

[Update]: Did a video run, and it was surprisingly successful. It did get stuck on a few of the higher rank sites where I had to manually exit the submission procedure for that individual site but I’m not worried. Bit disappointing that many of the video sites don’t give you a link though [/update]

Their Traffic Mania “uberbot” I’ve heard is just a combination of pretty much all of these, except maybe PADbot and PODbot in there as well, which I have no use for at the moment.

I’m hoping a lot of the issues will get resolved with time, and can’t wait for decaptcher support in ALL of them. I love the programs where you just hit go and walk away. I’m very lazy.

Would also be good to have another layer of spinning. At the moment they all only support 1 layer of spin ie. {Blah|{blah|blah2}} will not work.

I always get quick responses from their support so dunno what others are going on about.

My more than 2 cents

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