The Quick And Definitive Guide To Domain Naming

Here we go again. Yet another post on choosing the domain name which will best aid you in your quest for internet domination. It’s pretty hard when you’re a newbie, wading through blog and forum posts with varying and endless amounts of info which may or may not be right.

Well I’ve done them all now – the different top level domains (except .info – not going there), the dashes, the extra letters or words, the numbers on the end or a combination of them. You get to see pretty quickly what works.

So without going on and on, here is the list in order of what you should choose.

  • com
  • org
  • net
  • dashed com
  • dashed org
  • dashed net
  • com with extra letters
  • org with extra letters
  • net with extra letters
  • com with numbers (eg marketing101)
  • org with numbers
  • net with numbers

Bear in mind this is for pure URL keyword stuffing, and if branding is important to you, it’s going to be completely different. In that case I’d suggest you choose something catchy and not even worry about keywords because your URL will likely get pretty ugly. Just go for something catchy and relevant instead. For a combination of branding and keywords, the extra letters option should take preference over the dashes.

This list should also be used to determine whether you even bother going ahead with a site. Here’s the kind of sites you might be working with. I have given approximate search numbers per month but this is only an indication based on average competition for a keyword with these search volumes.

  • Throwaway – One or two posts with some adsense – <1000 Exact searches / month
  • Basic – A bit more content targeting 4+ keywords – >1000 <5000 searches / month
  • Medium – Several pages, several keywords – >5000 searches / month
  • Hard – After this it becomes a blur whether it should be a branded longer term project or hard and fast SEO

At the lower levels, you want to be able to rank asap and forget about the site. This means for a throwaway adsense site, don’t go past the first three domain options. There are epic amounts of keywords which fit the throwaway level for which you can get top level domains with no extra characters, so just move on. Soon, I’ll write about how to find heaps of these very quickly. I digress.

For a basic site, venture into the dashed equivalents as competition will probably be a bit higher and the straight keyword TLD’s will likely be gone.

For the medium level, adding a couple of letters or a word onto the end is a viable option. So for a keyword like eating tuna while performing backflips, you might pick, or something that similarly indicated that it is a center of information.

I’ve already made this article longer then I wanted. Go and buy some domains.

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